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Expropriation of Crimean lands as means of Russian neo-colonization

Looting of Ukrainian business and property in occupied Crimea acquired tsunami scale. Expropriation of land assets (from land plots with immovable property objects to thousands hectares of arable land) reminds the crime committed by the Russian empire since the first annexation of Crimea in XVIII century. De-landing and forced Russification caused emigration of aboriginal people…

Russian looting of Crimea: Para-Olympic center, ship repair plant, apartments of Khomutynnyk, hotel of Shkirya, villa of Onyshuk

Russian occupation authorities of Crimea and their Russian supervisors are happy to “nationalize” property of Ukrainian companies, politicians and businessmen with the aim to acquire it free of charge or at favorable prices. The list of expropriated objects is 83 pages long.  The first wave of illegal expropriation of the property of Ukrainians in Crimea…

Recipients of Putin’s grants: Orthodox priest, fake sniper and «volunteers»

The Center for Journalist Investigations keeps disclosing Russian collaborators in Crimea who receive money from Putin’s Fund of Presidential Grants for projects on occupied territories. The first part of our investigation focused on projects by Olena Aksyonova, the wife of «the Head of Crimea» Aksyonov, and propagandist Olena Ivanichenko. Our another material uncovered militarist project…

Recipients of Putin’s Grants: Wife of Aksyonov and Propagandists

«The Fund of Presidential Grants» of Vladimir Putin granted over 600 million Russian Rubles for 290 projects in occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol. Some money were spent for educational, sports, children’s and family projects. Significant part of Putin’s grants was allocated to Russian propagandist and patriotic projects promoting «Russian world».

Courses of killers for adults and teenagers. Drone operators are actively trained in Sevastopol for the war against Ukraine

New profitable business is gaining momentum in occupied Sevastopol, simultaneously with lies of the Russian propaganda about «special military operation» in Ukraine. A number of organizations launched training courses of drone operators. «Sevastopol State University» proposes to master «the profession of drone operator» for 32,5 thousand Rubles.

Недобудований театр ляльок у Сімферополі. Фото: Крыминформ
Puppet show for one billion. Russian occupants found new contractor to complete construction of puppet theatre

The new puppet theatre in the center of Simferopol has been built for five years. Russian occupants contracted Moscow based company «Teplostroiservis» to complete the construction for almost one billion Rubles within three years.

Кримські безпілотники: “Робоавиа” у технополісі Шойгу і злітаючий “Сейлем”
Crimean drones: «Roboavia» in Shoigu’s technopolis and flying criminal gang «Seilem»

Special governmental commissions on production of drones are created in occupied Crimea and Russian regions. Prospects for rich financing from the federal budget are promising. The Russian national project on creation of new industry will be launched at the beginning of 2024. There are queues to receive part of 300 billion Rubles within next three…

Stolen products of Swedish-Ukrainian «Chumak» being sold in Crimea

Production facilities of Swedish-Ukrainian JSC «Chumak» have been looted by Russian occupants in Kherson region after the Russian invasion. Recently, large quantities of tomato juice, sauce and pasta have been found on the shelves of Simferopol hypermarket «7M beztsen». As Russian occupants failed to resume the production of «Chumak» in Kakhovka, there is a high…

How Russian occupants mask products of confiscated factories in Berdyansk and Melitopol

Crimean occupation authorities reported that almost half a ton of food products has been brought from occupied parts of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions to Crimea within the first week of June. «New Russian regions» supply milk and meat products to inhabitant of the Crimean peninsula, as proudly declare Russian propagandists.  Products of Ukrainian enterprises in…